TecAdemics Review

Hey Daniel here and welcome to my detailed and honest TecAdemics Review.

Tecademics Review

TecAdemics is an Internet Marketing College For Entrepreneurs You can watch the video from the founder Chris Record below where he explains what it is all about and why he created it.

Who Is Behind TecAdemics?

Chris RecordChris Record is the founder and owner of TecAdemics. He has a passion towards helping entrepreneurs succeed. TecAdemics is the exact solution to help more people create a significant residual income, working from home!

Chris is also known as a fantastic affiliate marketer, speaker and trainer. I personally like the way he does the teaching. The first time I saw a presentation from him was around November 2015. Then I joined his inner circle in December 2015 and have also access to his Dark Post Profits and some other courses and tools. I really love them.

The Affiliate Opportunity

At the moment you have the option to sign up as an Ambassador, as an Affiliate for tecAdemics absolutely free. It doesn’t cost you a dim. As an affiliate you not only have the option to promote TecAdemics, but you’ll also get access to all the free training listed above.

This is really a great opportunity. You can learn how to build your online business and you have the option to give a way free training to build your list and start making money.

Click Here To Get Started With TecAdemics

The Compensation Plan

This is a bit different to “normal” affiliate marketing. It’s more like an MLM or direct sales compensation plan. You can earn up to 40% of every sale you refer. If you own a product yourself, then you get the 40%. If you don’t own the product yourself, than the first sale you refer will go up to your sponsor and you won’t earn anything from that sale. With this first sale you activate the product(s) you don’t own yourself. If you own the products yourself than you don’t pass up the first sale.

After you either purchased a product or have qualified yourself for it, then you always earn 20% on the first sale and then 40% on the next 4 sales. For the sixt sale you get 20% again and for the next for 4 sales 40%. They have a video inside the members area explaining the compensation plan.

TecAdemics: The FREE Training

TecAdemics offers a lot of free training. Below you’ll see all the current training videos included to which you get access absolutely free. Just click here to regsiter your free account.

Shopify Case Study Of A Student That Did $35K+ In Sales In 12 Days!

In this training video Chris Record interviews one of his students, Jon Alfredsson, about his Shopify success.  Jon will give you a full look at all of his shopify statistics and do a full tour of his store and more!

If you have any interest in learning more about how to set up your own e-commerce store, then you will love this pure value training.

How To Get Facebook Video Views For $0.01 Or Less Each!

In this video Chris Record shares a very specific step by step process that you can use to help videos go viral on Facebook for less than a penny each! In fact in some cases, as low as $0.0003 per view!

This strategy works for your own branded videos, as well as viral videos that you find on the web. If you want more traffic, leads and sales, definitely watch this training and apply it!

7 Steps to Triple Your Facebook Engagement

How To Get A $10,000 Working Capital Loan From Paypal™

Paypal™ gives the best loans around, giving you the best resource to build a massive list fast!

There is an exact process that I’ve been using successfully with students to help them get $5000, $10,000 and even $20,000 loans through the Paypal™ working capital program – But it requires these vital steps first!

How To Get A $20,000+ Spending Limit for Facebook™ Ads


Most people don’t realize that Facebook™ advances your ad spend, and you pay when the bill is due!In this session I show you my exact 3-step process I use time after time to getting BIG spending limits on Facebook™ so that you can get an advertising budget as high as $2,000, $10,000, $20,000 or more!

FREE FB Marketing Hacks By Chris Record

In this 2 hour training webinar, Chris Record shares with you step by step several FREE FB Marketing Hacks to help you save time, be more productive and ultimately help you get more traffic, leads and sales for your business!

7 Steps To Build Your Email List

Learn 7 Essential Steps To Building Your Email List!

Affiliate Marketing Bonuses – What They Are and Why They Work So Well!

In this video Chris Record give you an overview of what affiliate marketing bonuses are, why they work so well for affiliate marketing promotions and gives you several examples of the types of bonuses you can do to help you convert more sales!

8 Key Criteria When Choosing An Affiliate Offer To Promote

In this video Chris Record will review 8 key points to look for when choosing the exact, right, perfect product for you to promote your list. Grab a pen and paper and let’s review these 8 key points!

How To Set Up & Run FB Lead Ads To Build Your Email List [Step By Step Tutorial]

In this training video, Chris Record and Wilco De Kreij give you a detailed tutorial of how to set up and leverage the power of FB Lead ads to help you get more opt in leads for your business directly from Facebook!

How To Make Money Online With Print On Demand Products

In this pure value training Chris Record shows you how to make six figures from print on demand physical products on platforms such as Tee Spring, Viral Style, Represent.

If you want to make money online in affiliate marketing with print on demand products, definitely watch this video!

Email Marketing Tips To Building a Loyal Tribe

Pure value nuts and bolts training on how to build a loyal following and tribe with your email marketing.

How To CONVERT Sales Through Email Marketing

In pure value this video, Chris Record shares several valuable email marketing tips to convert more sales!

Beginners Guide To Making Money Online

In this nuts and bolts training webinar, Chris Record goes the entire process of making money online such as choosing a niche to go after, simple ways of designing compelling graphics and breaking through the mental barriers that are holding you back from success!

How To Create Resources Out of Thin Air & Raise Money For Your Business

In this video, Peter Sorensen shares how to raise money for your business and help your prospects overcome the #1 objection in business, lack of money.

Click Here To Register For The Free Training

Practical Tips to Overcome Common Sales Objections

In this video Chris Record gives you practical tips to overcome the sales objections everyone faces… while being stormed on in Austin TX! In your in sales (which you are), make sure you watch this pure value training video!

How To Change Your Mindset To Build, Grow & Scale Your Business! (2.5 Hour Pure Value Training!)

In this 2.5 hour PURE VALUE training, Chris Record shares how to change your mindset and 10X your business! This is a killer training!

How To Make Money Online With Client Work From Small Business Owners

In this training video, Chris Record teaches a simple business model to making money online… Doing client work for small business owners! In this video Chris gives you practical tips to find clients, what you can do for them and how to sell them. If your interested is making money providing online services to business owners, watch this video!

How To INDEX And RANK Your Blog Post In Under 60 Seconds!

In this video, Brian Cain teaches you how to index and rank your blog posts in Google lighting fast!

If you like getting FREE traffic to your websites, then this is a video to watch & strategy to implement!

How To Run FB Ads To Promote Offline Events [STEP BY STEP TUTORIAL]

In this video tutorial,  Chris Record gives an in-depth Facebook Advertising Tutorial with the example of selling tickets online to attend an offline event targeted to people in the local area of the event.

THIS IS A MUST WATCH TRAINING FOR ALL ENTREPRENEURS who ever build for events and sell offline!

Advanced Shopify Training With Robert Nava & Chris Record

Robert Nava is an expert when it comes to building a thriving business with Shopify from scratch. In this lesson, you’ll get to hear from him on how he finds products to add to his store and his strategy to advertise them.

Beginners Guide To Print On Demand Selling

In this training video, Chris Record gives an in-depth overview of how to make money online selling print on demand products with sites like Tee Spring, Viral Style, Gear Bubble & more. You’ll see several examples of successful print on demand campaigns & how to reverse engineer them for your success.

30+ Strategies To Monetize Your Websites (3+ Hour Pure Value Training)

In this 3+ hour pure value training, Chris Record brainstorms 30+ ways to monetize your websites and make money online. After watching this training, you definitely won’t be short of ideas to making money online!

FSL Method – Find, List, Sell Shopify System + Product Research Training

In this 1.5 hour pure value training, Chris Record teaches his Find, List, Sell method to make money online with selling physical products on Shopify. If you want to make money online with Shopify, this is a MUST WATCH video!

Facebook Advertising Tips Masterclass With Chris Record & Nicholas Kusmich

Facebook Advertising Experts Chris Record Nicholas Kusmich share in this interview, several tips and strategies for advertising on Facebook. Nicholas is an expert when it comes to Facebook advertising for clients so definitely watch this training if you are advertising on Facebook for yourself and or clients.

Instagram For Beginners (Step By Step Training)

In this 2+ hour training, Chris Record gives you a full overview with step by step instructions on how to set up, build and grow a following on Instagram! If you want to get traffic, leads and sales from Instagram, watch this training!

How To Sell Products On Shopify With Chris Record & Guests

In this training, Chris Record brings on a couple of his students and friends who have had success selling products on Shopify, Lawrence Aponte & Michael Crouch, who walk you through …

Affiliate Marketing 101 Principles & Strategies Training By Chris Record

In this pure value content rich training, Chris Record breaks down affiliate marketing 101 principles such as the value of an email list, how to monetize your list, how to create bonus sites to convert more affiliate sales and even gives you some ideas for launching your own digital products. If your doing affiliate marketing, this is a must watch!

Mindset Mastery & Overcoming Sales Objections

In this 1.5+ hour training, Chris Record gives you a REAL and AUTHENTIC training on how to master your mindset to create success in your life and business by overcoming the limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

This training will also teach you how to overcome the most common objections in sales that you will no doubt face!

If you want to make more money and change any area of your life, watch this training, take notes & take action!

$100K Affiliate Marketing Gameplan

Stay tuned for a very detailed training from Chris Record, Michael Hamburger, and Peter Sorensen on a step by step gameplan to earn your first $100,000 as an affiliate with Tecademics.

Including a very specific strategy to have a chance to WIN the BMW i8 that Chris Record is giving away on 11/11!

13 Elements Of A Successful Sales Message – Speech By Chris Record

Replay of Chris Record’s powerful speech about 13 different elements that you can start incorporating in your sales messages immediately to convert more traffic into leads and sales. Enjoy!

Gamify Life & Level Up Your Lifestyle – Speech & Transcription by Chris Record

TecAdemics Review Conclusion

If you want to start any kind of online business, then this is a no brainer for you. If you already have an online business and want to learn different ways how to promote it, then this is a must for you too. I mean, you will never find more or better training for free. In December 2015, I personally paid $997 for a product bundle from Chris which included the training he gives away for free. There is absolutely no risk and you don’t have to invest any money to get access. Just click on the button below to register your free account.

Click Here To Register For The Free Training

Discover more here: TecAdemics Review


Copy Paste Commissions Review

Welcome to my uncensored Copy Paste Commissions Review.

Have you been trying to make money online or if you already make some have you been looking for some easy ways to make more money from your efforts?

Then you might have come across a promotion for the Copy Paste Commissions product created & published by Omar Martin & Michael Cheney. These two online millionaires claim to have a copy paste simple product which will make you money if you follow it.

But is that really the truth? Is it really that simple to make money online? And most importantly, can you make money with Copy Paste Commissions, even if you’re a beginner and have no list yet?

Keep on reading and you’ll get the true answers to all these questions and not a hyped up review!

What Is Copy Paste Commissions All About?

The Copy Paste Commissions are affiliate marketing strategies which Omar & Michael have been using for years. These are the exact strategies with which they made a lot of money using them. These strategies have even been picked up by the industry as a whole now, and it’s kind of become the defacto standard for how to promote and launch products.

Most of these strategies focus on mailing. However they also included free traffic strategies they use to generate free and paid traffic from Facebook.

Copy Paste Commissions Members Area

The Program Components

After your purchase you’ll get access to a membership section, where you’ll find the product. Copy Paste Commissions is an ebook combined with videos.

Below is a short overview of the chapters included within the program. These chapters are much more in-depth than described below. I just wanted to give you a brief overview without revealing the strategies.

Chapter 1: Getting Started

This is more like an introduction and how to get started using their strategies.

Chapter 2: The Crush Campaign

The crush campaign is one they have started testing years ago and then have shared this strategy with other marketers. They all made much more money from their campaigns suing this strategy then they made before. The Crush Campaign is all about the mailing frequency, creating the right bonus and getting total involved into the specific project.

You can also apply this strategy if you don’t have a list and tweak it, so that you can use it on your Fan page or your own blog.

Chapter 3: The Fence Shaker Strategy

This strategy is all about getting people off the fence, so that they actually get the offer you’re presenting them. If you combine this strategy with the Crush Campaign, then you’ll have an extremely powerful weapon, which you can use to get more sales from your promotions.The fence shaker strategy also includes several general FAQ’s you can use for your own promotions. These FAQ’s have been proven to get many people off the buying fence.

Again, this can also be applied to Fan Page posts, or even on your blog, if you get enough traffic.

Chapter 4: Traffic

Here you’ll learn how to generate traffic to your site using Facebook. They integrated both, free and paid ways to generate traffic. However Facebook isn’t the only traffic source talked about in this chapter. you’ll get some more ideas on how to generate traffic, creating buzz for your offer and creating a list.

Chapter 5: Bonus Strategy

This bonus strategy is all about getting more sales by getting as close as possible to the money. Yes people love money and if you’re able to get close to the money with your promotions, then you’ll be able to make much more commissions from your campaigns.

Chapter 6: Email Strategy

This chapter will teach you how to generating massive commissions by doing email marketing in the right way. Here you’ll learn how to make your emails more interesting, so that people actually love reading them plus you’ll get some great tips about creating a subject line to get people open your mails.


Michael and Omar have put great content into their product as well as really good ideas and strategies, which will definitely not only help you for your email marketing but also for your posts on your Fan Page or blog.

Is It Really Just Copy & Paste?

The name of the product might let you think, that you will get ready made templates which you can copy and paste into your campaigns and promotions. But that’s not the case. You will get several different phrases and sentences which you can really copy and paste, but that’s it.

What you can copy and paste are the strategies. This means, that you can copy their strategies they use to make those huge commissions and paste them into your business. Of course a lot of them need to be tweaked for your needs.

Can You Make Money As A Beginner Using Copy & Paste Commissions?

In my opinion, you’ll have a hard time making money as a complete beginner without a list using these strategies. It won’t be impossible, but it will take a lot of work and efforts from your part. If you already have a list, then this will be a great product and strategies to have to make more money from the list.

So It’s Not For Beginners?

I wouldn’t say it like that. If you’re really serious about creating your own online business, by either selling your own products/services or doing affiliate marketing, then I would recommend you pick it up. Why? Because when you’re serious about building an online business, then this will definitely include building a list and then you can apply all these great strategies to make more money from your list and blog posts or social promotions.

Can You Only Use It When You Already Have A List?

No. You can also copy these strategies into your social promotions or blog posts for example. I already got some great ideas for my next social and blog posts 🙂

Can The Strategies Be Used In Any Niche?

In my opinion, not all of the strategies can be used in any niche. I have my main sites within the Weight Loss & Fitness niche where I also have a list. I definitely will be using some of the strategies and I already have some ideas on how to implement them. However, I also can’t see how to integrate some of the other strategies into my niche, since they are more focused on the make money online niche.

Is Copy Paste Commissions A Scam?

Definitely NO, it’s NOT a scam at all. It includes real, live and working strategies that not only have made the creators a lot of money but also for many other marketers too.

I’m sure, there will be people who are calling this product a scam, because they can’t make any money from it. But that’s not the fault of the product and just because some aren’t able to make money from it, that doesn’t mean that the product is a scam. It’s a real product to which you get access to, after you made your purchase.


  • They really have great content within their product.
  • Professional strategies for not only email marketing but also for social and blog posts.
  • Loads of different ideas to get creative in marketing.


  • Not really copy and paste templates.
  • No step by step video instructions.

The Verdict

Overall, Copy Paste Commissions is a good product with many great strategies. Even if it doesn’t contain copy paste templates, you still can copy the strategies outlined within the product and profit from them. I personally think it’s more than worth the investment. I got some great ideas from it which I’m going to integrate into my next promotions.

Get Copy Paste Commissions Now

Copy Paste Commissions Bonus

Should you decide to get your copy through me, then you’ll also receive the bonuses listed below. You’ll have instant access to them within your JVZoo account. Just go to the receipt page for Copy Paste Commissions and then scroll down until you see a button called “Copy Paste Commissions Bonus from Daniel”. Click on that button and you’ll get a PDF which contains all the download links.

Bonus #1: Instant Affiliate Income

Bonus #1: Instant Affiliate Income

12 Videos Teach You the Techniques and Markets for Earning Massive Affiliate Income. Most internet marketers report that their their as much as 40% of their gross income is generated through affiliate marketing.

There are many benefits to promoting OTHER peoples products and being paid a commission. This video series is going to teach you how to do it and more importantly you’ll learn what to AVOID in order to stay on the right track and make solid money FAST.

Bonus #2: From Mindset To Action

Bonus #2: From Mindset To Action

Complete More Projects and Double Your Money in the Next 30 Days Without Stress. As an internet marketer, multi tasking is of paramount importance but if you cant track the many aspects that actually determine how effective your business is – then multi-tasking actually makes it impossible to succeed wether you want to admit it or not.

This course will teach you how to create a PROPER roadmap, do everything faster and BECOME UNSTOPPABLE. Learn to hack your business and so much more.

Bonus #3: Uncensored Affiliate Secrets

Bonus #3: Uncensored Affiliate Secrets

Bonus #4: Big Commission Bootcamp

Bonus #4: Big Commission Bootcamp

Bonus #5: Facebook Marketing Excellence

Facebook Marketing Excellence

Bonus #6: Pinterest Marketing Excellence

Pinterest Marketing Excellence

Bonus #7: Twitter Marketing Excellence

Twitter Marketing Excellence

Bonus #8: Youtube Marketing Excellence

Youtube Marketing Excellence

Bonus #9: LinkedIn Marketing Excellence

LinkedIn Marketing Excellence

Click Here To Get Copy Paste Commissions & All Bonuses

Original post here: Copy Paste Commissions Review

OctoSuite Review, Product Demo & Bonus

Hey Guys, Daniel here and nice to have you here on my OctoSuite Review & Bonus page. I promise you, that you’ll find all the info about OctoSuite you have been looking for based on Facts and my personal user experience.

OctoSuite Review

OctoSuite has been created by Luke Maguire and his team. Luke already created several popular tools, such as Social Autobots, Viral Autobots, Instamate and LiveLeap. These are all social media marketing tools and I own all of them. I also got access to OctoSuite so that I can test and write my honest review about it before the official launch.

What Is OctoSuite All About?

OctoSuite is a social media manager software which is cloud (web) based. You can do research for viral content on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Reddit. You just have to enter a keyword and the software will then go out and search for content which has gone viral in the past and which most likely will go viral again in the future. You also can find content which hasn’t gone viral.

That’s not all. With OctoSuite you can also post and schedule content to all your Fan Pages as well as Facebook Groups from one single dashboard. Plus the software also contains an Image Finder which will allow you to search for free high quality images on Pixabay.com.

What Are The Key Features?

Automate your Facebook accounts for life

You can have the most viral content from any niche and from around the world being posted on all your Fan Pages and Facebook Groups on complete autopilot.

100% set & forget

The usage is very simple. Search for content, viral videos as well as images in your niche. Select the ones you like the most and with 1 click you can add them to the built in scheduler and set the time and date when it should get posted.

OctoSuite Demo

[wp-review id=”1241″]

Click Here To Visit The Official OctoSuite Website

OctoSuite Review

With all its features, OctoSuite will definitely make it much easier to keep your Facebook Pages & Groups up to date with new viral content. The tool can not only be used to post to your accounts, but it also can be used to do research. Below I’ll go through all the different features included and show you how they work. First, let’s look at the dashboard:

OctoSuite Dashboard

As with any of Luke’s software, the members area always looks nice and is easy to navigate through. Plus it also is mobile optimized. So you could easily manage it using a tabled or other mobile device.

The first thing which you need to do, after you got your license key and created your account, is to connect OctoSuite with your Facebook account. That isn’t difficult at all and everything is described inside. you just have to give OctoSuite the permissions to access your accounts, so that you’ll be able to post to your Fan Pages as well as Groups.

Discover Content

OctoSuite Content Finder

Within the content finder you have the option to search for content and trends on different networks.


First you have the option to search for popular Facebook fan pages based on your niche. You just have to enter your desired keyword and the software will then return a list of pages which are popular in your niche. I did that on the screen shot above.

Then you also have the option to search for videos, images or links on Fan Pages. For that you need to enter the URL or ID of a fan page and then the software will return the popular posts based on your selection. You have then the option to order the results based on most viral, most recent or most liked.

Twitter Trends

You can use the software to look for trends on Twitter. This isn’t based on keyword. It’s based on location. So when you go to that page within the software it will give you a list of the most trending hashtags worldwide. Then you have the option to filter that based on location. You have the option to search for a location on the included map and the software will then show you the trends for it. You can’t search Twitter trends using keywords.


On YouTube you can get a list of trending videos based on location or you also have the option to search for trending videos based on your entered keyword.


On Rediit you have the option to search for trending content based on your keyword. Just enter the keyword for your niche and the software will then return a list of trending posts from Reddit.

Discover Content Conclusion

All in all I found it very valuable to have a tool which allows to search for trends. That makes the planning for the posts much easier. And sometimes you’ll be surprised of the type of content or videos which are trending and viral 🙂

Post & Shedule

OctoSuite Post & Schedule

This is the heart of the software. Here you can schedule all the posts to all your Facebook Fan Page for which you are an admin of. Plus you can post to all the Facebook Groups you are a member of. You don’t need to be an admin to be able to post to the groups.

As shown in the screen shot above, you can upload an image, add your content and link, select to which page(s) and/or group(s) you want to post it to and then either click on Post to get it published immediately or click on Schedule and enter the date and time for which it should get posted. What I liked most is, that I can post to all my different Fan Pages. So I can select all the pages I have within the fitness niche for example and then create content and let the software post the content to all of them. I only have to create the post ones. That’s really a huge time save and a feature I love.

Within the history tab you can see all the posts you published and within the Scheduled Posts tab you can see all the posts you have scheduled.

Within the Syndication Accounts you can post to your other social media account ons Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. But to be able to do that, you need to purchase OTO 1.

Facebook Groups

With the Google Chrome extension, which is included within the main product, you can mass join Facebook groups based on your search term.

Syndication Accounts, Image Editor & Link Cloaker

These are all upgrades and you need to purchase them separately via one time offer. I have listed all of them within the OTO section below.


There’s also free training included, which shows you how to use the software. if you want more training on how to monetize your accounts to make money, then you should consider the VIP training upgrade. I listed it below tihin the OTO section.

YouZign Integration

If you also have an account at YouZign, then you can enter your API key and secret which will then connect OctoSuite with YouZign. This lets you easily use all your YouZign designs for your posts.

Click Here To Get OctoSuite

How Can You Make Money Using OctoSuite?

From only finding and posting viral content you won’t make any money. You need to monetize the Fan Pages, Groups and other social media accounts. Below are some ideas on how you can make money using the software.

  • Promoting affiliate offers
  • Promoting CPA offers
  • Building a lit (for long term success)
  • Promoting physical offers
  • Promoting your own product(s)
  • Offering a service to local business. You could create a niche based fan page and then promote the product or service from local businesses. Or you also could offer that you find and post viral content to their fan page for a monthly fee.

These are just some ideas on how you can use the software to generate a side-income or maybe even a full time income.


Luke and his support team are one of the best. I personally saw, what they did when they had some issues with their Viral Autobots launch. They have gone above and beyond for their customers and have really done everything to please them / us. I write us, because I’m a customer of Luke myself. So if you invest in OctoSuite you can be very comfortable that they will look every well after you. This isn’t something you find very often.

One Time Offers

OTO 1: Syndication To Other Networks

The first one time offer is an upgrade to syndicate you content to your other social network account on LinkedIn, Twitter & Pinterest.

Prize: $37 – $57

OTO 2: VIP Training

Within this training you’ll not only learn everything you need to know to be able to make money using the software. You’ll also be able to go inside on some of Luke’s 6 figure pages and see the exact process he uses to create these income on Autopilot. If you already own Viral Autobots or Instamate and have seen the training there, then you know how valuable Luke’s training is.

Prize: $27 – $37

OTO 3: Image Editor & Link Cloaker

With the image editor you are able to edit the images the software found for you. Plus you also can edit your own images. It’s not a high end editor, but it definitely is a good addon. The affiliate link cloaker is just what is says. it cloaks your affiliate links which you can then use to post on your social networks.

Prize: $47

OTO 4: PLR Rights For 10 Accounts

With that offer you’ll receive 10 key which allow you to setup OctoSuite with your very own Logo. Then you can sell access to these 10 accounts to local businesses or any other online business and market it as your own software.

Prize: $197 – $247

OctoSuite FAQ’s

Can this be used with any OS (Mac & Windows)?

Yes. OctoSuite is a web based app, so no matter what platform you’re using it will work for you.

Can I use OctoSuite for all my Fan Pages and Facebook Groups?

Yes. When you connect the software with your Facebook Account, then it automatically adds all the fan Pages you’re and admin of. Plus it also adds all the Facebook groups where you’re a member or. Then you can use the software to post to all of them. Without any limitations.

Does it also work with foreign languages?

Yes, it does. You can search for everything described above in your Language. I tested it in German and it worked very well.

Can it be used for any niche?

Yes, absolutely. You can use it for any niche (except Adult niches, since you won’t find content for them).

Is the software easy to use?

Yes, OctoSuite is really easy to use and they also have training videos included, in case you should have any issues using it.

Is it also beginner friendly?

Yes, it definitely is beginner friendly. Not only the software but also the complete social media marketing is beginner friendly. To be honest. I’m a SEO guy and I didn’t use the social networks a lot also not for my niche sites. But this software got me started and I already scheduled a lot of posts to my different Fan Pages. And it wasn’t difficult to do at all.

What I Like About The Software

  • Beautifully designed and simple to use web app.
  • It contains loads of great features.
  • That I can upload as many posts as you like and schedule them
  • That I’m able to post to all my pages at ones.
  • It really works fast.
  • I had no issues finding, uploading, posting and scheduling viral content.
  • Luke and his team are really looking after their customers extremely well.
  • 100% money back guarantee.

What I Don’t Like About The Software

The one thing I don’t like about the software is, that the main product doesn’t include posting to other social media accounts, other than the ones on Facebook. However, for the prize point the software sells for I can’t complain about it.

OctoSuite Review Conclusion

To be completely honest. There are other software out ther whch do post to social media accounts. And most of them include more accounts than OctoSuite does. However, OctoSuite contains features which I haven’t found in other tools, plus the HUGE advantage is the prize. OctoSuite is only a one time fee, where the other tools are most of the times either much more expensive or a lot of them are monthly subscriptions.

Based on OctoSuite’s features and the low prize, I really recommend that you take a closer look at it. It really is worth it. Click on the button below to visit the official site.

Get OctoSuite Now

OctoSuite Bonuses

I’ll create a great and huge bonus package which will go well with the software should you decide to get it through me. I’ll post all the bonuses a few days before launch. So make sure to bookmark this page and come back on July 27, 2016.

Thank You for taking the time to go through my review. If you have any questions regarding the software or my bonuses, then please leave a comment below. I’ll make sure, that I answer all of the asap.


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SpeedLeads Review, Product Tour & Bonus

Speed Leads Software BoxSpeedLeads is a software and browser extension. It lets you add a Call to Action and branding to any kind of page or site you share on social media. Within this SpeedLeads review you’ll find out how it works, pros and cons. Furthermore you’ll get all the facts you need to make your own buying decision based on facts and not on the usual hype.

This software has been created to drive more traffic and leads to your business as you share great content. You see, when you share content on your social media accounts, then people will go and visit the site you shared the content from. They won’t visit your site and if you only share links from your own website, then you fans or followers might won’t interact that much after a while. This is a great method to share content and still be able to get the visitors back to your business. Read on to see how it works.

SpeedLeads Demo

Check out the demo video below to see SpeedLeads in action and have a look at its functionality and features…

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How Does It Work?

First, before you can start using it, you need to create your first brand. You can either use a company or a person to create one. I started with creating one using my own name. The info you enter for the brand is only being used for you, so that you can easily recognize the different brands you created. Only the image will be used for the box(es) your create for this brand.

SpeedLeads Create Brand

In my case it took the image from my gravatar account automatically based on the email address I used within the account settings. You have the option to create as many brands as you like. So if you have different niche sites, like I have, then you can create one for each niche. The same can be done for clients or friends or whatever other site(s) / business(es) you have.

Creating a box. After you have your brand, you can start creating a box. The box is the foundation of the shareable link. So for example, if you found great content you would like to share, then you would take that URL to create a box. On the box overview page you have the option to create groups and then add the boxes to the groups. I found that useful to get all the different boxes organized.

SpeedLeads Create Box

Creating such a box is easy. You just give it a name and enter the URL you want to share. Under the layer type you chose box, except if you have other wishloop products, like Amplifire. Amplifire for example is the optin box which shows up when you visit my site the first time. So if you have another product from them, then this will integrate with it. Otherwise just choose box as the layer type and under Layer you can choose the brand from the ones you created.

They have their own domain you can use to create the SpeedLeads URL. However, you also have the option to use your own domain or subdomain for that. You would have to configure that within the domain settings.

Then at the bottom you see a preview of how it will look like when you share the URL on Facebook or Twitter. You can completely customize all of the info there. You just have to click on the title and/or description and then you are able to change that. You also have the option to use your own image if you prefer to do that. When you’re happy with the outcome of the box, then you can save it.

Designing the box. After you saved that box you can start designing it.

The first step is to chose for which brand you want to design the box. All the brands you created will show up under the Brand tab. You can choose one by clicking on the one you want to use. Then you have to select what type of box you would like to have. There are 5 different types you can choose from. Below are examples of the different boxes and how they look like.

Opt-in form. An opt-in form to get leads

SpeedLeads Optin Box

Traffic. Multiple links to drive traffic

SpeedLeads Traffic Box

Button. Call to action button

SpeedLeads Button Box

Text Link. Clickable text link

SpeedLeads Text Box

Retargeting Code (Invisible). Executes your Pixel/Retargeting code.

For all these boxes you also have the option to choose a full screen size for them. When you selected a type you want to use, then you can start customizing the text for it under the Settings tab.

SpeedLeads Design Settings

Here you can give it a title and description. Plus you can also choose where the box should show up. The options for that are bottom left, bottom right, top left and top right. Then you can enter the URL to which you want to redirect the users when they click on the button/link. Plus you have the option to customize the link/button text.

Then when you save the design you’ll receive the shareable URL. Now when you share the content using the given URL and a visitor clicks on that link, they will not only see the content you shared, but they will also see your box.

Demo Link: I created a link to show you how it looks like. Click Here to see the example.

You always have the option to edit the campaigns you created, except the URL you entered. There’s also no limit on how many campaigns you can create.

The Browser Extension

SpeedLeads comes also with a browser extension which make it easy to create sharable URLs. Installing the extension has been extremely easy. I just had to drag and drop the button (from the members area) to the browsers Bookmarking bar and then it was already installed. When I clicked on that bookmark button an option popup window showed up like you can see in the image below.

SpeedLeads Browser Option

This will then automatically take the URL of the site you’re visiting. You have then the option to give this campaign a name, choose the Layer type and Layer just like you would within the software itself. Plus when you have your own domains added, then you would have the option to choose that too. Then just click on Save and you have a new shareable URL you can use on your social media accounts. It’s that easy and fast.


  • Easy to use
  • Flexible
  • Fully customizable
  • Beginner friendly
  • 30-day money back guarantee


  • At the moment of my review, the software had issues to turn an https URL in to a link.

SpeedLeads Review Conclusion

I personally love those boxes and have already started creating them for my niche sites. They are real attention grabbers and I like the look and design of them. I had no issues creating different boxes and they worked all well. SpeedLeads brings a lot of value for its investment and so I feel confident in saying that it’s well worth considering. Click on the button below to learn more.

Get Speed Leads Now

SpeedLeads Bonus

I’m also creating a great and useful bonus package for you should you decide to get SpeedLeads through me. I’ll publish all the bonuses before the product goes live. So bookmark this page and come back on June 23th to see what I have to offer for you.


Do you have any question about the software? If so, then please leave a comment below and I’ll answer all of them as good as I can and within 24 hours max. Thank you.


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ToonVidio Review, Product Tour & Bonus

Hey Daniel here and welcome to my ToonVidio review.

ToonVidio Review

So what exactly is ToonVidio all about? Well it’s is a desktop (Adobe Air) software that creates 2D as well as 3D animated videos with one single software. The software comes with a version for Windows as well as one for Mac users and you can be up and creating beautiful 3d animated videos in no time.

Here’s a quick overview of ToonVidios’ main features:

  • Creating 3D Animated Videos
  • Creating 2D Animated Explainer Videos
  • Thousands of 2D & 3D Video Assets
  • Animated Video Previews for Email
  • Viral Video Meme Creation
  • Kinetic Typography Videos
  • Video Editing Suite
  • Complete Control w/ NO Restrictive Templates

ToonVidio Demos

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ToonVidio Review

First you’ll need to download the software to your computer and install it there. This isn’t difficult and the wizard walks you through the installation, like you are used to by any other software. You’ll need Adobe Air being installed on your computer to be able to install this software. In most of the cases, Adobe Air will already be installed. If not, you’ll get a message with a link to download and install it. After you installed and started the software, it will look similar to the one in the screen shot below.

Toon Vidio Software

From here you can either start creating your video from scratch or you can use one of the included templates. Note: I had a beta review copy, so it’s possible that you’re software will look a bit different or has other templates included than the ones you see within the screen shot above.

I started with a template. They need to be downloaded to the software. That’s not a big thing and the software does it in the background. So based on your internet connection you might need to wait a bit until the template is ready. I used the Infographic template for this review.

ToonVidio Template

When you have loaded a template, then you ca customize nearly everything. If you want to move the character, then you just click on it and move it around. You can also rotate all the objects within the video. Plus you can add text, objects, characters, background, images as well as audio.

The different templates / projects can easily be customized and you can also add new scenes or even delete one from an existing template. After you completed or edited your videos for your needs you can export it and save it on your computer. With the software version I had for testing, there were two file type options (mp4 & flv) plus you can also export the video as animated gif. I did that and exported the Infographic Template as gif. See image below.

ToonVidio Gif Test


Can I create my own templates?

Yes, you can create your own template and start a new projects with blank canvas from scratch.

Does the software work on a Mac?

Yes, the software works also on a Mac. They have two version you can download within the members area. One for Windows and one for Mac.

Can I use to create videos in foreign languages?

Yes, as far as I tested it, you can edit all the text and so you can use create videos in any language.


  • Loads of features
  • Nice templates
  • Flexible (templates can be edited)
  • You can create your own scenes from scratch
  • Videos can be imported
  • Custom audio can be used
  • Comes with backgrounds, audio, different characters & objects
  • Viewer statistics


  • There’s no function to record your audio. So if you create a an explainer video, then you need another software to create the voice over and add it to the video. You can’t record the voice over directly within the software.
  • If you want to delete an element, you can’t use the keyboard’s delete button. You need to use the delete function within the software. It’s not a big deal.
  • If you accidentally delete an element, then you need to add it again. You can go a step backward. Using control z on the keyboard doesn’t work either. again, it’s not such a big deal. I’m just used to do that 🙂

ToonVidio Review Conclusion

Overall this is a good video creation software. Is it perfect? Not at all. I don’t mean that in a bad way. It’s like every other software out there. None of them is perfect. But I do fully believe that this isn’t just a fly by night product launch and that the software will be discontinued after a month. With all the templates, 2D & 3D animations as well as editing features the software brings a lot of value I feel confident in saying ToonVidios is well worth considering.

Get ToonVidio Now

ToonVidio Bonus

If you get the software through me, then you’ll also receive the following bonuses. You’ll get instant access to them inside your JVZoo account after you completed your purchase for ToonVidios.

Toon Vidio Bonus - Video Marketing Cheat Sheet Toon Vidio Bonus - 60+ Stock Video Backgrounds Toon Vidio Bonus - Background Music Tracks Toon Vidio Bonus - Tube Empire Revelations

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Video Course Cash Kit Review, Product Tour & Bonus

Video Course Cash Kit is the newest product sold by Brett Rutecky and Mike From Maine. They have partnered with video course expert, John Shea,

This course is a training AND agency resell software that will teach you how you can make money creating quick little video courses about ANYTHING. John is currently making $2,000 to $3,000 in passive income simply by creating courses about random topics that he’s interested in and putting them on multiple video course websites.

Video Course Cash Kit Demo

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The Training

Video Course Cash Kit Members Area

The members area is made of different sections. The first one you’ll see when you login is the main training. This is the section where John is sharing everything you need to know to be able to make money selling your own courses either on Udemy or Skillshare.

John is a professional teacher and he has done what he teaches himself for quite a while. And he’s doing it successfully making a couple thousand dollars per month.

The Video Course Cash Kit training is extremely detailed. The course actually contains more than 50 training videos. They are high quality videos and go straight to the point. No fluff and no fillers. Just real life training. Below is an overview of all the videos included within the course:

  1. Training intro
  2. Income proof
  3. Why teach online
  4. The pattern I noticed
  5. Coming up with ideas
  6. My courses
  7. Microphone
  8. Camtasia MovieMaker
  9. Cell Phone Stabilizer
  10. Perception
  11. Making Edits
  12. No Slideshows
  13. Greenscreen
  14. Lighting
  15. What is Udemy
  16. How you make money on Udemy
  17. Home announcements
  18. Course content and info
  19. Course settings analytics
  20. Create courses quickly
  21. Amazon affiliate course case study
  22. What is Skillshare
  23. How you earn on Skillshare
  24. Skillshare management
  25. Skillshare edit
  26. Teacher challenges
  27. Announcements
  28. Creating super short Skillshare classes
  29. Skillshare case study
  30. File organization
  31. Progress tracker
  32. Pretty link coupons
  33. Facebook groups
  34. Coupon sites
  35. Forums
  36. Paid advertising
  37. Giving away paid courses free
  38. Self promotion
  39. Lessons learned
  40. Why build a free course
  41. Affiliate example
  42. Why teach with co instructors
  43. Simple co instructor setup
  44. Syllabus for co instructed courses
  45. Take existing courses
  46. Affiliate Income Secrets Case Study
  47. Why you should improve your existing courses
  48. Promo video sales page
  49. What happens as your courses grow
  50. Amazing
  51. StackSocial
  52. Promoting courses outside of Udemy
  53. Teachable
  54. Promotion the one big disadvantage
  55. Thank you / conclusion
  56. BONUS 1 – Interview with Rob Cubbon
  57. BONUS 2 – Interview with Howard Lynch

You can see, there’s really a lot of training. Not only about how to create your own training course, but also how to promote it. John even covers in a section on how you can make some extra money as affiliate using your training courses.

The Guaranteed $100 Method

John has included a video where he shows how you can make your first $100 with your first training course. No real selling needed.

The Agency Access

On top of the course we’ll learn how to make money RESELLING the course itself as you’ll get the right to resell 50 copies with their agency resell rights software system.The agency option will only be included during the 3-day launch period. After that is over, this option will be removed for ever.


  • Not a “traditional” make money online course
  • Very detailed and complete
  • Loads of content (videos)
  • High quality videos
  • Videos aren’t too long
  • Easy to understand and follow
  • Can be done by anyone


To be completely honest. I can’t think of any real cons at the moment. One could be that you need the specific equipment to make the videos. And another one is, that the members area isn’t mobile friendly. So if you access it with a tablet then the site won’t fit the screen and you have to scroll.

Video Course Cash Kit Review Conclusion

I found the course refreshing, especially because it wasn’t the normal kind of making money online. What I also liked was the content itself. There are loads of videos, professionally done. You really will learn everything you need to know about making money creating and selling your own courses on Udemy and Skillshare. I can highly recommend the course to anyone who wants to either make money with training courses or who wants to make money selling the course as your own product. To get started, just click on the button below.

Get Video Course Cash Kit Now

Video Course Cash Kit Bonus

I have a special bonus for you, if you decide to get the course through me.

Bonus #1: Affiliate Trax Agent Access (limited to 25) – Real Value $67

I have 25 agency licenses to Brett’s previous product Affiliate Trax. This is a tracking system for JVZoo plus it contains marketing training from Brett & Mike. So for the first 25 people who get the video course cash kit through me, will get free access to Affiliate Trax. So to claim that bonus, you need to be fast and after you got your copy of the course, you have to send me your transaction ID using the contact form. Please also include the email address you want to use for the account.

Extra Bonuses

I also got permission from the vendors to share the following bonuses with you if you get the course through me.

Video Course Cash Kit Bonus

Click Here To Get Video Course Cash Kit & All Bonuses

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Commission Magic Review, Product Tour & Bonus

Hey Daniel here and welcome to my Commission Magic review.

Commission Magic is a training course to success in affiliate marketing. The creators, Ant Carter & Ben Martin have documented the exact system they use to make their commissions with their affiliate business.

It includes a PDF guide as well as video training and does explain everything about affiliate marketing.

The product is divided into different parts which we will look at below.

The Dashboard

Commission Magic Dashboard

The Dashboard is the members home where you can access all your products. Pro, Done 4 You and 4-Week Group Coaching are up-sells, and aren’t included within the main product.

The Guide

This is the main product which contains 86 pages. There are two versions of the guide. One which can you can view online. The other version is a PDF which you can download. Below is a screen shot of the table of content, so that you can get an idea on what it covers.

Commission Magic Table Of Content

Imagine for a moment. If you could engineer a situation where your customers can’t wait to hear what you have to say next.
 This isn’t a distant possibility, or an impossible dream. There are some simple strategies which create this level of attention and loyalty from your customers, blog readership or social following. This Affiliate Marketing Guide outlines what they are and how to use them in your online business.

List Building – Ninja Strategy 1

Building a list for free can often seem like an impossible task – to those just starting out. When we begin our list building efforts in a new niche we lack credibility and perhaps also the ability to create something truly compelling to persuade people to sign up for our list. The answer is to leverage other people’s reputation.

The ninja strategy is a video which shows you their strategy they use to build a list. It also comes with 2 different cheat sheets to make it easier for your to get started with the same strategy.

Social Lead Sniper

Social Lead Sniper is a case study training which walks you step by step through the process of creating 100+ leads per day from free traffic using social media. Mike Appleton and Simple Spencer have given Commission Magic members exclusive access to this special training product – to give you a head start building your list, and making regular affiliate commissions.

Facebook Group

When you get access to Commission Magic, then you’ll also get the ability to get access to their Facebook group. This is really helpful. I’m also a member of different Facebook groups and they can really be of great help to get your questions answered.


Is it beginner friendly?

Yes, it is beginner friendly and it explains everything about affiliate marketing for a successful start.

Can I really make money following it?

Yes. if you really put in the time and efforts needed, then you definitely will make money following their system.

Commission Magic Review Conclusion

This is really a solid course on affiliate marketing, how to get started and how to spend your time on things that actually work. It contains a lot of training, written as well as in video format and it definitely will get you started with making money online as an affiliate marketer. if you already got started with affiliate marketing, then this product can also help you get some extra insight information, especially about building relationship with your readers, followers or customers. To get started with this course, just click on the button below.

Get Commission Magic NowCommission Magic Bonus

When you decide to get this product through my link, then you’ll also receive the following bonuses.Your bonuses will be delivered in the members area under the bonus tab.

Commission Magic Bonus 1 Commission Magic Bonus 2 Commission Magic Bonus 3 Commission Magic Bonus 4

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