Hi and welcome to my site.

DanielI’m Daniel and I’m a self entrepreneur and affiliate marketer. The first time I connected a computer to the internet was back in 1995. In 1997 I published my first website which I created for a client. Since then I have been working online all the time. Mostly as web designer and since 2010 I work as webmaster for different clients, but mostly for a big e-commerce site with which i could sign a long-time contract.

I also do some niche marketing as an affiliate whenever I have time. Here on this site I’ll publish some tips about niche marketing and SEO plus I’ll also write some honest reviews about products which are being launched and getting hyped up. My goal with my reviews is, to provide you in-depth details about the products, so that you’ll be able to make your own decision, if it will be worth your hard earned money, or if you might better look for something else.

I also created this site to get a chance to reach more people through WordPress. My main site can be found at realisticweb.com

I hope you’ll find my content useful and if you have any questions, please leave a comment on the posts and I’ll do my best to answer them asap.

Thank You.



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