InstaEasy Review

Hey Daniel here and welcome to my InstaEasy Review and case study. InstaEasy is a new Instagram followers software. It’s the newest product from Luke Maguire and will be officially launched on October 20, 2016.

InstaEasy Review

Instagram has grown to a very popular social media site. It’s being loved by a lot of marketers, since you don’t have to create a lot of content for it. You can use great images, images with quotes or short videos. If then people like it they will start following you. To get the followers, you can go and search for other accounts in your niche. You should then like photos, quotes and videos on their accounts. Many of them will then follow you back. If you do that constantly and use the right hashtags when you post your content, then you should be able to get people following you back.

The biggest problem to get a lot of followers is, that it takes a lot of work. It’s also very time-consuming to search for accounts in your market, liking their photos and then following those accounts. It even takes more time if you want to start following the followers from those accounts or the ones who follow your competitors. InstaEasy claims to be able to do that all on autopilot. I decided to test the software and publish my results here, so that you can make your own buying decision based on real facts and a real case study and not based on all the hype you find all over the web.

I promise you, that this will be the most in-depth and truthful review you’ll find online.

What Is InstaEasy All About?

InstaEasy is a web-based software which allows you to automatically follow other accounts on Instagram. It also allows you to automatically like content based on your niche.

Here’s how the software works:

  1. Enter your target market hash tags, your competitors usernames & your hash tags.
  2. Select if you want to ‘like’ photos, follow users or unfollow inactive users based on the information you entered in step one.
  3. Hit start & watch your Instagram account like & follow with users under your hash tags & your competitors followers 24/7.

Some of the key features are:

  • Like photos based on your settings.
  • Follow users in your target market based on your entered hash tags.
  • Unfollow users who haven’t followed you.
  • Follow the followers from your competitors profile.
  • Follow people who recently liked a profiles photo.

Safe & Secure

With the pre set engagement speeds & your very own IP address per Instagram account, your account will never hit Instagrams limit.

InstaEasy Case Study

I got early access to the software and start playing around. I’ll then start the case study on September 20, 2016. and update the results here.

InstaEasy Review

After I have used the software for a while, I’ll then publish my in-depth review and show you how the software works. I’ll reveal all facts, pros and cons and will let you know if it’s worth the investment.

InstaEasy Bonus

If, after testing the software for a few weeks, I think it’s worth the investment, then I will also prepare a great bonus package which I’ll offer for all of you who are getting the software through my link.

Originally published here: InstaEasy Review


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