InstaViral 2.0 Review, Product Tour & Bonus

Hey Daniel here and welcome to my InstaViral 2.0 Review where I show you what the product is all about, how it works, pros and cons and all the info you need to make your own buying decision based on real user facts.

InstaViral 2.0 Review

Viral images are one of the easiest way to generate traffic to any site, doesn’t matter what niche. You don’t need to write a lot of content and images get much more user interaction than content does. If they get liked and shared by users, they really can go viral which can drive a lot of traffic. The most time consuming part is creating and posting those images on many of your social media accounts. This is where InstaViral 2.0 can be very helpful.

What Is InstaViral 2.0 All About?

InstaViral is a web based (SAAS) software which lets you create and edit images and post them to 15 different Social media network sites. It also allows you to not only publish them the time you add it to the software you also have the option to schedule all these posts. Below is a list of the main features.

Key Features Of InstaViral 2.0

  • Cloud Based Software. Nothing to download or install.
  • Works with any operating system.
  • Post images to the 15 Top social media networks
  • Publish your content to all sites with one click
  • Schedule the posting to all connected social media accounts
  • It automatically creates viral images from a CSV file
  • In built quotation database for unlimited quotes for any niche
  • Image editor which helps you create beautiful and compelling images
  • Supports MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS per social media network

Official InstaViral 2 Demo

Here’s an official demo of the software.

[wp-review id=”1134″]

InstaViral 2 Review

Since this web based software integrates to many different social networks, you’ll need to connect those accounts with the software. The process of doing that is differs from site to site. But they have instructions on how to do it within the training section of the members area. You have the option to as many accounts per social network as you like. There’s no limit.

After you connected the accounts with the software you can start publishing images to them. You either can publish them straight at the time you add them to the software, or you can add them to the scheduler and the software will post them to the given time. This is a great feature which I really liked, since you’ll be able to add posts for a long time without the need of going to the software every day.

Social Accounts

Social Accounts Supported By InstaViral

This is the page where you can connect your social Accounts with the software. The software can post to the following networks:

  • WordPress
  • Facebook
  • Twitxr
  • Pinterest
  • StumbleUpon
  • Tumblr
  • Twitter
  • Flickr
  • Imgur
  • Blogger
  • Mobypic
  • Google+
  • Medium
  • Instagram
  • TopViral

Integrated Quotes Database

Integrated Quotes Database

InstaViral has a nice and huge in-built database of quotes. You will find quotes on every topic and subject. Just type in a keyword and get hundreds of quotes on anything.

Question & Answers

Can this be used with any Operating System (Mac & Windows)?

Yes. InstaViral is a cloud (web) based software. This means that you don’t have to install anything on your computer. You can access it over the Internet.

Does it also work with foreign languages?

Yes, the posting definitely works with any language. You won’t find quotes within the software for another language than English, but when you use your own images, then they can be in any language.

Can it be used for any niche?

Yes, absolutely. You can use InstaViral to post images and quotes in any niche.

Is the software easy to use?

Yes, it is really easy to use. The only harder part is the setup and connection of the accounts to the software. But you only have t do that once and they have training videos included.

Is it also beginner friendly?

Yes, the posting and usage of the software is definitely beginner friendly. The only thing which might can be a bit harder is the setup of the accounts.


  • Can post to many different social media networks
  • Post scheduler
  • Image editor
  • Quote finder


Setting up the accounts is quite time consuming since you have to a new App Secret Key for each of the social media accounts.

InstaViral 2.0 Review Conclusion

I first purchased the software in September 2015 when version 1.0 was released. I never had big issues using the software and they have added many features to it since then. They also have fixed issued quite fast and have really improved the software all the time. I love it and it saves me a lot of time with posting the images to all the different accounts. I can highly recommend it to anyone doing any kind of online marketing. To get started with it, just click on the button below.

Get InstaViral 2.0 Now

InstaViral 2.0 Bonuses

If you decide to get the software though me, then I’ll offer you some nice bonuses which you can use with the software to drive traffic to your site(s).

Exclusive Bonus #1: 20,000+ Viral Images (Value $97)

InstaViral 2.0 Bonus Viral Images

Exclusive Bonus #2: Fitness / Weight Loss Business In A Box (Value $497)


Exclusive Bonus #3: Paleo Diet Business In A Box (Value $497)


Exclusive Bonus #4: Bodyweight Training Business In A Box (Value $497)


Exclusive Bonus #5: Pinterest Marketing Excellence ($27 Value)

Pinterest Marketing Excellence

Exclusive Bonus #6: Facebook Marketing Excellence ($27 Value)

Facebook Marketing Excellence

Exclusive Bonus #7: LinkedIn Marketing Excellence ($27 Value)

LinkedIn Marketing Excellence

Exclusive Bonus #8: Twitter Marketing Excellence ($27 Value)

Twitter Marketing Excellence

Exclusive Bonus #9: Instagram Marketing Excellence ($27 Value)

Instagram Marketing Excellence

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Plus you will also receive the following bonuses from the InstaViral Team



Want your viral images to appear only at specific times? No problems! Instaviral can handle that. Just schedule the images according to your preferred times.



Get more traffic from your Facebook page by putting in links.



Ping top search engines and websites whenever you create new content and get ranked faster.



Find the best keywords for any niche easily.



Find the top video keywords that you can target for best RoIe based on Google Keywords data.



Get a traffic boost on your website from Pinterest easily! Every strategy revealed.



Get unlimited traffic from social media with this comprehensive guide that reveals hidden tricks and ideas.



Unstoppable amount of traffic to any website. See how that’s done.

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