Viral Autobots Review – Next Generation Social Marketing Tool

Viral Autoboots is the first and currently the only web-based software that can find, upload and monetize viral content and videos on social media sites. These social media sites include Facebook and Twitter and for your Facebook fan pages, they may find the videos and content on YouTube. This can boost your Organic reach exponentially.

This is the latest product from Luke Maguire. It’s official launching will be on 9 December 2015. This is not the first product created by Luke. He is also the creator of Social Autobots a successful social software. Luke and his team have worked tirelessly to update and improve it on a regular basis.

Let me tell you a little about myself. I am the owner of Social Autobots software and I had the privilege of seeing how Luke worked on the software. I also saw how he tried to cater for the needs of his customers by improving and updating the software and giving free training. This is what makes me confident that the software will be number one in its category.

If you manage a Facebook Fan Page, you know how hard it is nowadays to organically reach those people connected to the page. Because Facebook wants page managers to into the Facebook Ads in order to make the posts visible, it has tried to decrease the organic reach of the pages. All this will change with the launching of Viral Autobots.

I hope that by now you know the various crazy viral images and videos within the Facebook news feed. Those trending articles having hundreds of thousands of comments, likes and shares. This enables those pages to get a positive score to analytics and huge organic traffic.

Viral Autobots will benefit your Fan Pages in exactly the same way. You will never again have to spend a lot of your valuable time online searching for images, content and videos you need to post or to get visitors to your Fan Pages.

The limited organic Facebook reach will never be anything to worry about again. You now have the ability to find any content in any niche you are interested in within a matter of seconds, post or schedule it instantly, check out the clicks, then watch the views and wait for money to trickle in!

What is Viral Autobots?

Viral Autobots is web based software meaning that it can work on any platform be it PC or Mac without any issues at all. This software now helps make your work easier by automating many of the social media marketing tasks on Facebook you used to perform manually.

If you have ever performed these tasks manually, then you may understand how it can take a long time to complete. Facebook Marketing is one such example of a task that can really be time-consuming especially if you do more than just publishing some posts on a Fan Page. Viral Autobots can manage client Fan Pages, multiple Fan Pages and automate many of the tasks in Facebook Marketing.

What Are The Key Features?

Automating your Fan Pages For Life

It can make your pages post the most viral content online daily in any niche you are interested in on a complete autopilot.

100% Set & Forget

This process is as simple as looking for your niche, selecting viral images and videos and scheduling them into the built in scheduler with only a single click!

Drive Huge Organic Traffic & Make Big Sales For Free

You can attract huge organic traffic and make sales free of charge. You do not need to invest in Facebook or any other ads. As a result, you will be able to save a lot of money.

This is The Only Tool That Allows You To Post Viral Content With An Affiliate Link.

Since Facebook does not allow the use of affiliate links, it can be quite a challenge to carry out any form of monetization. This is where the software comes in by giving you multiple ways to content and at the same time having many readers.

Using the software, you will find a very safe way to add affiliate links to page updates, Ads, group posts and Instagram. All you need to do is to add the affiliate links to viral content and wait for the sales to sell like hot cakes.

Never Need To Worry About Paying For Ads Again.

No more need to pay for Ads to help in increasing your traffic when Viral Autobots can do this for you and even further boost your organic traffic to millions.

With A click Of A Button You Can Monetize Other Viral Videos.

It is great to have a huge viral traffic, but it’s also very important to have the ability to monetize. This software has some features allowing you to ADD call to action at the end of the viral videos Viral Autobots has gathered giving you the chance to post affiliate links inside your posts.

For all the people doing marketing on Facebook and all those who are starting out and wish to automate the marketing process, then there is no other software that beats Viral Autobots. The quality of the software is exceptional. Consider the fact that the software is web based and hence can be accessed anywhere saving a lot of time for the marketer.

You can get my detailed and in-depth review as well as case study at


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